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  1525-3002 (Click to view in GS-Tek Store) GS-TEK GsBP-5MS, 30m x 0.25mm x 0.25um Temperature Limits: -60 to 325/350 Similar Products: Agilent DB/CP: 122-5532 Agilent HP: 19091S-433 Restek Rxi: 13423 Restek Rtx: 12623 Equivalent Brand: DB-5MS, HP-5MS, Rtx-5MS, Rxi-5MS […]

Refinery Gas Fast Analysis on GsBP-PLOT Columns

Refinery gas streams vary considerably in composition. A detailed determination of hydrocarbons C1 through C6 with reported as a composite peak is usually required in refinery gas analysis (RGA). An exact measure of stream components is essential in achieving optimum […]


Pesticides on GsBP-5MS, 1525-3002

Pesticides on GsBP-5MS, 1525-3002

Column: GsBP-5MS, 30m x 0.25mm x 0.25um Cat. No.: 1525-3002 Oven: 150C 4C/min to 275C hold 1 2,4,5,6-Tetrachloro-m-xylene(IS) 12 Dieldrin 2 α-BHC 13 p,p’-DDE 3 β-BHC 14 Endrin 4 γ-BHC 15 Endosulfan II 5 δ-BHC 16 p,p’-DDD 6 Heptachlor 17 […]